Your Internet Connection – Do you have a Back Up Plan?

During the many years of experience supporting a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries, it has been all too often that all carriers, including the major players, have all suffered complete network outages in different areas. These outages have sometimes lasted for days with estimated resolution times (ETRs) not forth coming due to slow communication throughout the multi layered departments of these organisations.

If you’re relying on a single internet connection, your business is at risk every day of going offline, rendering online services and business communications (e.g. email) ineffective, impacting staff productivity and in some cases, brand reputation.

If this is the case at your organisation, DHS recommends provisioning in the least, a second cost effective NBN connection on a different carrier to your existing main connection. Our team may be able to ensure an automatic failover can be configured on your firewall for an infrastructure change cost.

Please contact us for a quotation or if you wish to discuss your options.