Asset Management IT

Enjoy full corporate transparency across Asset IT systems

Asset management companies require nuanced IT services, that work collaboratively across corporate offices, assets, portfolio companies and geographical regions. 

How DHS Approaches IT for Asset Management Companies

We’re experienced in providing IT services to many Asset Management companies, both locally and globally. We focus on the challenges facing your business and create centralised yet adaptable IT solutions, that can span a multitude of environments.

Asset Management IT Services

Partner with an IT services company you can trust.

Centralised IT Solutions for Assets and Portfolio Companies

The existing IT systems of Assets and Portfolio Companies are often disparate and decentralised with little or no cybersecurity, and no centralised visibility or control at the corporate, HQ level. 

At DHS, we work to change that. We provide consistent IT operating environments that enable full corporate transparency, access and control of Asset and Portfolio Company IT systems. We centralise IT permissions and processes.


Cyberattacks on your business can have a domino effect, causing mass information loss and business disruption, as well as potential Notifiable Data Breach issues.  This is especially true for asset management companies, where cybersecurity is often addressed at Head Office, but not at the Asset level.

At Dark Horse, we configure, manage and host security solutions across asset IT systems. We use Network Access Control solutions along with advanced endpoint security and system authentication processes, to defend network access. Our objective is to protect your company and Asset revenue, brand and reputation.

Managed IT Services for Asset Management Companies 

Support your corporate offices, assets and portfolio companies, with a Managed Services Provider who understands operational asset management IT. We’ll routinely review data and network security, install appropriate infrastructure, and run essential support services to ensure the success of your business and assets.

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