Ransomware Prevention – We’re working to save you!

Our recent communication regarding the ransomware infection emails circulating the internet, were words of warning employing an impending doom tone. So to lighten the mood, this post is to spread some good news relating to this topic! Though these words of warning should still be heeded and taken very seriously.

After many hours of testing, Dark Horse Systems has developed a configuration policy that will try to automatically lock down your network drives, at the first sign of a cryptolocker type trigger (e.g when an attachment is opened or a link clicked), and then alert us immediately so we can unlock your drives safely. Several of our customers have already benefited from this policy while under attack by a cryptolocker virus. Their data has been protected and saved, and many hours of downtime prevented by not having to restore the data from backup! This policy has now been implemented across all of our maintenance plan customers.

Now…back to the impending doom…

While this is one preventive measure in lowering the risk of this threat, it is by no means a silver-bullet solution to prevent all future attacks. Sadly, there will always been a ‘cat and mouse’ game between the creators of these types of viruses and the community of dedicated people trying to prevent or mitigate the attacks. As always, the best preventative measure is to not tempt fate in the first place. So again, we’d like to repeat the warning:

Before clicking on a link in any email (especially one setting off red flags), hover over it and examine where the link will take you. Remember – your bank or other financial institutions will never email you and ask you to log on to ‘verify’ your account, or request your password.

If you are ever unsure of an email, please get in touch with our support team who can help you out. Please make sure everyone in your organisation is aware of these scams. It only takes one user to encrypt every file on your network, and often the only solution is a complete server restore from backups!

Please contact any member of the Dark Horse team if you have any questions.