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Professional IT Services

Whilst Managed IT Services cover the day-to-day operational IT activities involved in helping ensure your business reaches its full potential, our Professional IT Services involve addressing specific needs and projects.

You may move site, require an internet connection upgrade or feel that a complete IT infrastructure redesign is required to maximise the performance of your systems. Our Project Managers are available at all times to help articulate the potential impacts on your business, execute and deliver in all specific areas that may need attention at any given time.



Project Services

Scope, budget and schedule. These are the three main elements of any small, medium or enterprise-level IT project.

When managing these project elements, experience is key. Our project managers will guide a project through each stage of its life-cycle, consulting with you every step of the way without increasing your workload.

Keeping communication lines open and clear, DHS strives to ensure that you get what you want, when you want it, within the budget that you’ve allocated.

Enterprise Network Design


There may be several networks working concurrently in any organisation at any one time. From communication, storage, intranet or mail, these systems must both function individually and collectively.

Dark Horse can create solutions for these individual components, ensuring satisfaction of all requirements. Our real strength however, lies in seamlessly integrating the various networks within an organisation to create a coherent, fully-functional enterprise network.

Through the use of tested enterprise-level equipment and best practice standards, the DHS networking team is proud to deliver complex enterprise-level networking solutions of the highest quality, tailored to the specific IT requirements of your organisation.


Let us be your personal shoppers. We will advise as to your best purchasing and licensing options, as the most obvious may not be the most appropriate.

The DHS Sales team lives to purchase items to meet all your hardware, software and licensing requirements. Whether they be large scale orders to service hundreds in a global organisation, personalised individual purchases or simply project-specific items, our procurement team is efficient and effective.

Having partnered with Australia’s leading suppliers, we can ensure that your products are competitively priced and delivered on time. We have gone to significant lengths in the past to chase-up wayward orders, doing everything bar driving the delivery truck ourselves.

Video Conferencing

The benefits of video conferencing cannot be underestimated. DHS recognises the need for face-to-face communication both within and between organisations. We have provided video conferencing solutions satisfying different levels of requirements, ranging from small branch offices to large corporate international VCs, at all hours of the day and night. In addition, if required, DHS can advise on and obtain additional elements such as lighting for a flawless presentation.

High Speed Internet Access

The speed of your internet connection directly influences your organisation’s productivity. Our strong partnerships with multiple internet service providers allow us to source business-grade internet connections suitable to your specific business requirements.

Voice Solutions

DHS examines your communication needs to deliver the most effective and appropriate voice solution for your business. We can also assist in migration of your existing phone system from one premise to another or from an existing provider to another.

From traditional PBX systems to enterprise-level VoIP configurations, we can ensure your communication channels are operating at their optimum levels.

Cloud Services

Should you decide to adopt an IT solution based in the ‘cloud’ DHS can manage the full migration of your system and data.

From scoping the best cloud solution for you, to purchasing licenses, setting up the virtual infrastructure to your specifications, to data migration and ultimately getting you started in your new cloud environment; DHS has significant experience in all stages of a cloud migration, all the while ensuring minimal disruption to your organisation.

Enterprise Storage Solutions

Enterprise Storage Solutions refers to the centralised storage and sharing of your business data, and the associated networking, management and security aspects of such systems.

DHS storage engineers have a wealth of experience in the implementation and expansion of data storage solutions for organisations, particularly in the following enterprise storage areas:

Online Storage

  • Backup
  • Archiving
  • Disaster Recovery

Storage devices may range from simple server and NAS storage to complex SAN (Storage Area Network) infrastructure.  The latter helps to ensure that in the event of a server failure, access to critical information is not lost.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Whether it be a Document Management System (to store and track all your documents), or a more encompassing Enterprise Management System (managing all content within an organisation), DHS can assist in the decision of which path to take.

A CMS may contain one or many of the following attributes:

  • Content storage
  • Controlled access to content
  • Version control
  • Search functions
  • Reporting functionality

These systems help ensure continuity, security and the efficient management of data. Our engineers have experience with a wide range of CMS and will happily advise on the most suitable solutions for your particular business needs.

Site Relocation

They say a change is as good as a holiday. The Dark Horse Systems team has planned, executed and managed the successful site relocation of hundreds of IT systems across as many organisations, from SMEs to global enterprises.

DHS takes care of the IT aspect of your move, allowing you to focus on the many other details! We take responsibility for all infrastructure to be switched off and disconnected, moved and implemented again and then tested at the new site. And if any issues arise in the days following relocation, we will provide you with priority service.

Standard Operating Environment (SOE) Management

Numerous issues arise in organisations where the IT operating environment is not standardised. A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) is one where common hardware and software architecture is used throughout the entire organisation.

Particularly important in large-scale deployments, and still allowing for company-specific customisation, SOEs help ensure that installation, maintenance and management of IT systems are at their most efficient.

As important as creating the SOE is clearly documenting it. At DHS we pride ourselves on the documentation created for our client’s infrastructure. Part of any large-scale deployment is the creation and adherence to the Standard Operating Environment. The DHS team will deploy an SOE using enterprise deployment software and then provide ongoing management to ensure company policy is strictly followed during any software or hardware upgrade.

Fit-for-purpose IT

If you require a new, complete IT solution, whether due to a new business venture or an underperforming existing system, DHS is fully equipped to guide you through the process and manage each step.

We will go back to basics with you, examining and understanding your company’s processes and systems in order to determine the ‘ultimate’ systems environment to meet your organisation’s needs and take your business where you want it to go.

DHS will at all times take into account commercial considerations and that the ultimate solution must be balanced against the investment required. We will align your IT system with your business goals to ensure your IT environment is a functional business support tool instead of simply a static element.