Implementing IT Asset Management for Your Business

We don’t have to tell you, Asset Management Companies (AMCs) often include a suite of corporate offices, assets, portfolio companies and geographical regions, all of which require nuanced IT services. Yet many existing Asset and Portfolio Companies are often disparate and decentralised with little or no cybersecurity, and no centralised visibility or control at the corporate, HQ level.

At DHS, we’ve provided IT services to many AMC, locally and internationally. We’re aware of the possible challenges facing your business and focus on how to overcome these issues by looking into three main areas of service:

  • Centralised & Flexible Operating Systems
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Managed IT Services

Centralised and Flexible Operating Systems

We focus on creating centralised yet adaptable operating systems that can span a multitude of environments, including asset and portfolio company IT systems. We do this by creating a centralised and consistent end-to-end operating environment that enables full corporate transparency and access to permissions and processes.


At DHS, we configure, manage and host security solutions across AMCs using Network Access Control (NAC) solutions. Once installed, a NAC system protects access to your operating systems through standardised enforcement of permissions. This combined with advanced endpoint security defends network access at every level. By protecting your perimeter with centralised, scalable cybersecurity, we protect your company’s asset revenue, brand and reputation. 

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services for AMCs are slightly different from what your average Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers. In order to support your corporate offices, assets and portfolio companies, we routinely review data and network security with appropriate IT software. We also run essential support services 24/7 and across multiple time zones if required.  

Partner with an IT services company you can trust

We’re experienced in providing IT services to many Asset Management companies and know what your AMC needs for specialist, flexible IT systems. If you’re interested in implementing outstanding IT Asset Management for your business, contact our team of experts today.