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Gmail Overhaul for your Personal Accounts

Gmail Overhaul for your Personal Accounts

Two years in the making – Google has unveiled a new look for Gmail, closely resembling Microsoft Outlook. The new interface is focused on quick productivity actions, including features such as “suggested replies” and “nudges” to respond to forgotten emails. This is another indication that Google is building AI into its products. In addition, they have improved offline functionality – users will be able to search, write, respond, delete or archive up to 90 days of messages whilst offline. However, one of the most interesting advances that many users will welcome – is the ability to erase an email from both the sender and receiver’s email accounts after a set period of time. While the new features are intended to boost team productivity, it is currently only available to personal Gmail users.

Why not start using now?

When logged into your personal Gmail account,

  • Refresh your web browser
  • Click the Settings (⚙) icon in the upper right hand corner of your inbox
  • Select “Try the new Gmail” at the top of the drop down menu

If you’re unhappy with the new Gmail, just follow the above steps to and return to the ‘Classic Gmail’.