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Protect yourself from the next Attack


Protect yourself from the next Attack

Most of us can be too busy to worry about what goes on behind the scenes in our computers, tablets and other devices – as long as they do the job they’re supposed to be doing at the time! That is, until they can’t.

In light of the recent Ransomware attacks (Petya and WannaCry), keeping your Windows updated is more important than ever, and the slight inconveniences positively outweigh any potential disaster. Both recent attacks used vulnerabilities in computers than hadn’t been updated and caused disruption to those affected. Windows regularly release updates to patch up newly discovered holes, and this is one way users┬ácan avoid the next attack.

How to update..

Windows 10
Updates will install automatically

Windows 8 & 8.1
Settings > Change PC Settings > Update and Recovery
You may also want to go to the Recommended Updates Section and choose ‘Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates’ and click Apply.

In addition to these updates, remember to keep your social media accounts private where possible – that is, be selective with the information you share with the public. Keep you date of birth hidden, and don’t display your address or phone numbers. Ensure you update passwords every few months for your accounts (including email).

These few extra steps can sometimes seem like a hassle, but they go a long way in preparing you any potential future attacks!