Warning - Global Ransomeware Attack | Dark Horse Systems
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Warning – Global Ransomeware Attack

Warning – Global Ransomeware Attack

You may have read in the media now about the recent global Ransomeware cyberattack, that continues to grow.
We have kept an eye on our all clients to look out for any potential vulnerabilities.

If you have been affected, you may see the below desktop background and/or window. If you do, please shutdown your computer and contact us immediately.

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We would like to remind everyone to please be suspicious of emails, websites and apps. This includes any links on emails, malicious adverts on websites and downloading questionable apps or programs you may not be familiar with. Exercise caution with emails or websites you are not familiar with.
Most importantly, please call our support team immediately if you come across something you are unsure of. Please ensure all staff in your organisation are aware of this.